260921-commitment-to-excellence-vince-lombardi-quoteHow many of you dream of being Mike Trout?  How many of you want to play in the Major Leagues, want to play for UCLA or USC, or want be the best player at your high school?  All our young players have dreams, and hopefully they have set those goals high.


What does it take to reach those goals? –  How do players get to a reach the pinnacle of their sport.  In Cubs’ Manager Joe Maddon victory parade speech, he told the 5 million people standing in front of him, “what you see here up on stage is the finished product,” pointing to the Cubs roster.


What you don’t see are the years of weight training, years of swings in the garages/tunnels, years of sacrifices.  Dedication day in and day out to pursue a dream and a goal.  Do you do something everyday to help you achieve your goal?


“Excellence is not random. It is also more than a short-term ambition, accident, or accomplishment. It is developed by design and achieved by setting and tenaciously pursuing high, competitive goals. The greatest champions in history have all had a long-range vision and plan of what they wanted to accomplish in tandem with a complete daily devotion to their specialization. Having daily or weekly improvement goals to meet will help ensure that you are always working right.”

~ Jim Afremow,

from The Champion’s Mind


Success in any endeavor the process of winning/mastering small tasks over a long period of time.  Mastering the technique of ground balls or blocking on Monday nights.  Building a consistent aggressive swing.  Understanding the nuances of a rotation on every play like its instinct.  When you get to the upper levels everyone is athletic and talented.  The differences are so minute, but make all the difference.



“Cueto is a different bird than Wainwright, and Greinke is different than Kershaw.  So there are a lot of different ways to go about it.  But I think the common thing is the attention to detail, and focus on every single rep, whether it’s a fielder drill, a throw, an arm exercise in the training room, a warm-up.  Every little thing is done with high focus, high attention to detail, and done with a purpose, as if its the most important thing that needs to be done. – Gerrit Cole – Pittsburgh Pirates